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When you want to be different in a crowded place you have to offer something nobody else has. You have to stand out from the crowd so to speak. If you just offer the same thing everyone else has, how are you standing out at all? That was my initial thought when I first found myself at

They offered up a large selection of webcams, an easy-to-navigate site, and of course, you could register for free. So what made it stand out from every other free sex cam website? Well, to be totally honest nothing. Besides a few nifty features such as the rankings it didn’t have anything that I had not used before, but to be honest, that isn’t such a bad thing.

I felt right at home and that was the deal that sealed it for me. I could navigate my way around all the free webcams with ease and I knew exactly how to use the xxx sex chat. It felt good to be back up top and I was going to be making good use of my time there.

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I would never date a woman that wasn’t as independent as I am. I just couldn’t see myself falling for a girl that didn’t know how to take care of herself no matter how hot she was. I think far too many women just don’t take the time to look after themselves these days and married women are the worst offenders.

They think that just because they’re married and have a husband that they don’t need to still be in control. I feel that is wrong on so many levels and it is the main reason that I always try to lend a helping hand by telling the steps to become a camgirl.

This then offers them a way of becoming and staying independent. Believe it or not but many of these women are very thankful for my help, some even want to thank me in ways that honestly make me blush. If you need a little more convincing you are more than welcome to watch as many of these xxx cams as you want to.