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Month: June, 2015

The big challenge with building a fuck friend book

It’s easy to build a blackbook with fuck partners. Seriously. If you have a certain definition of what a fuckfriend or a fuckbuddy is it’s very easy to put together such a list. In many cases the list that you come up with is essentially a booty call list. These are the lists of women that you call if you’re feeling horny late at night. These are lists of women that you can rest assured will pick up the phone, set up a date and fuck you right on site. Believe it or not, most guys can put together such a list. You only need to believe in yourself. If you have any kind of game regardless of what you look like, regardless of how much money you have in the bank and regardless of which piece of trash you drive, you will get pussy.


That’s not what I’m talking about. That’s not the issue here. I mean anybody can put up together that kind of list. What’s more important is the kind of value you get from that list. You have to remember that life is more than just our basic drive. Life is for living. It’s not for surviving. Surviving is all about eating a certain amount, drinking a certain amount and fucking a certain amount. In other words, it’s just getting from day to day. It’s all about paycheck to paycheck living. That’s not life.


Living is all about taking things to a much higher level. That’s why I’m excited about the whole fuck friends list situation. Because if you are able to get a list of women with open minds and open spirits you can help each other pack a lot more meaning into your lives and I’m not just talking about the sex. Again, that is actually the most superficial part. It’s what the sex represents.


Sex can be a gateway to higher consciousness, higher perception of reality. You have to remember that when you have sex with somebody, you not only get physically intimate with that person but you get emotionally connected as well. This can open a doorway into spiritual connection. You can easily get each other in such a way that people in your normal waking hours don’t really get you. You can achieve a higher level of understanding that goes beyond romance, that goes beyond bullshit emotionalism and touches the realm of the spiritual. That is the real value of an fuck friends list because it opens your personal possibilities wide open. Make no mistake about it most people are more than content to live their lives in invisible prisons. You don’t have to. You can break out of your mental prison.